Camera Review: Redmi 9 (SMARTPHOTO)


After reading through many reviews I was curious to find out where people were getting their hands on the new Redmi 9 international version. It’s great to hear that people are enjoying the software interface on the new Redmi 9 International version. The Redmi 9 international model has a huge difference when compared to the normal Redmi series phones. That being said here are some quick facts about the Redmi 9 international version which I hope will be helpful to those looking to buy the phone.

Redmi 9 global version… works well.. For this is first buy of a Xiaomi Redmi 9 global version, works amazingly well. It comes with a large 2GB ram and the battery is of the largest type you can find on any smartphone. Does exactly what a regular mobile phone should do.. Talk, text and surf the net.

Biggest difference is in the battery life. The Redmi 9 international comes with a huge battery which lasts for a good number of days easily. The screen is of the highest quality and most importantly it has been given an excellent aspect ratio. That having been said, the battery does not last long. It did not last long even after continuous use. I guess if you are using the phone for long hours then expect to have a lot of battery left. Redmi 9

As for the camera, the redmi 9 international comes with a 12.2 megapixel camera with a nice LED flash. In terms of camera performance, it’s quite good actually. The images are clear and you can even zoom in quite easily. The other good thing about the camera is the fact that there is a very good recording feature. I recorded my wife’s house with no sound and the video came out great.

Last but not least, the RAM of the redmi 9 is of high quality. I was really amazed at how fast the RAM operated, even under heavy load. It seemed that the 4GB ram of the Helio G80 Octa-core processor worked just fine. In fact the 4GB ram worked so well that I was expecting for a new device with a better processor inside.

Overall, the camera of the Redmi 9 looks very attractive. The dual camera feature is quite impressive. Even the pictures from the rear camera were quite detailed and sharp. The zoom lens of the Helio G80 Octa-core processor was also quite good when trying to zoom in on the image. You can really see the difference when comparing the camera with the Sennheiser HD5B webcam. The Redmi 9 is certainly a smartphone that should appeal to most gadget lovers.

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